Manager Fundamentals

What I’ve learned throughout the years as a Manager is that there are three (3) essential things that are fundamental for your success. They are your ability; to Manage yourself, how you Manage your people, and how you Manage your work to execute for concrete results.

Number one, you must be able to learn how to “Manage Yourself” in order for you to be able to think clearly, manage your emotions, manage your energy and to understand your own ‘headspace’ capacity and its limits. This is very important as a Manager whose main tasks involve managing people to get things done. When you manage a group of people, you aren’t managing robots or managing paperwork, you are managing human beings with emotions, behaviors, thoughts, perspectives, aspirations, personal lives and life experiences. All of these attributes make up how your people work with you as their manager. You will run into stress and headaches if you aren’t able to manage yourself when things get out of control. You must be able to be self aware of your limits in emotions, headspace and energy for you to contain yourself. Your main job as a manager is to get things done through other people and when things get out of hand, you must find ways to deal with the situation without burning out. At times you will feel belittled, feel not respected, not sure of yourself, your people can hate you, talk about you behind your back, wait for your failure, the pressures of performing and you are at a boiling point when things don’t go the way you expect it to be; this is normal for a Manager to feel. You must possess the ability for you to “extinguish the fire inside of you”, and understand how to kill those flames inside to keep yourself from “blowing up”. You must control and manage your mind and control what you feed it. Finding ways to have a peaceful mind is key in managing yourself as a Manager.

Number two, you must be able to “Manage your people” by first understanding the characteristics of each one of them. You can do several activities that are suitable for you in order to understand who your people are. You’ll need to get to know them, from their strengths and weaknesses and to know them as an individual human being. If you have a small team, it’ll take a shorter period of time to know them on a one-on-one basis, but if you have a bigger team, you must find a way to get to know and understand all of them. Every manager has their own style of managing, but without knowing your people, you won’t be able to maximize your results of getting things done through other people. By knowing your people, you will be able to manage yourself better and utilize your people to set out the direction that you have aspired them to go to. You will need to have the ability to inspire your people to give their best efforts in achieving the needed goals. Your people need to be engaged in their work that they themselves know that they are an important factor in making things happen. You can conduct teamwork building activities to keep your people inspired and energized to keep them engaged. Also, it is a must to be on the same page with your people of what you expect of them, their ability to meet those expectations and how they are doing to meet your expectations. There are various tools and initiatives to get this going, but you and your people must be on the same page at all times to prevent miscommunication. Your team of people must understand that they have the duty to assist you as their manager to accomplish the needed goals. Your people need to be reminded of how important they are to the team, as they are not just peas in pod “doing their own thing” for the sake of work keeping themselves “busy” everyday. Your people are there to assist you to achieve concrete results in which you are responsible for as the Manager.

Number three, you must be able to “Manage your work” by your ability to execute your plans. You must jot down your plans physically on paper or on a laptop/computer for yourself and to show your people visually of your plans and direction. You can’t just “fly blindly” and expect things to happen. You’ve got to visually show your people where the direction is going and what you expect of them. You must then create a monitoring system for yourself in order for you to manage your own work and the work of your people. With this, you can create review sessions regularly with your people to keep track of the progress of goal achievement. This way you will have a daily focus to guide you and your people on the end goal.

In conclusion, remember these three essential things as a Manager:

1. You’ll need to Manage yourself, which means to manage your energy and emotions by managing your mind.

2. You’ll need to Manage your people, which means to manage your ability to know all your team members, inspire them and have them on the same page at all times to prevent miscommunication.

3. You’ll need to Manage your work, which means your ability to execute your plans through your people for concrete results.

Hope this helps.

Please share your experiences as a Manager, would love to hear it. Thank you.

Finding Peace of Mind

This is the first time I am sitting down, recording and working on a Rap-HipHop album. It won’t be a mixtape, not an EP, nor free singles for free download, or only featuring in someone else’s project, but working on a full blown LP aka “A Real Album”; It will consist of approx 15-16 tracks (songs) in the album.

Finding-Peace-of-Mind-E At the moment, the album will be called, ‘HerdiOflo – “Finding Peace of Mind.” I hope the title won’t change. But at the moment, it will be titled that. The album concept is quite simple, it speaks about how I’m trying to find Peace of Mind through my songs. How finding peace of mind is an inspiration to myself and hopefully inspiring to listeners. Finding your soul, your mind, your “in the zone” moments and your heart at peace with the world gives you comfort and confidence in how you move up in the world. I’m quite excited about it because it has been almost 15 years since I’ve gotten into this music and have actually never put out an LP album. Just looking forward to put something out. Will update you soon with a new video clip too droppin’. Cheers.

Jakarta, Marathon city? Need Marathon Training Program.

Jakarta has become one of the fastest places in Indonesia for large corporate brands to sponsor marathon events to include different marathon lengths from the 5k, 10k, 15k, and 26k. This has created a buzz amongst many Jakartians, including the local and foreign community to attend these events. I had a discussion with one of my friends about the buzz and the new hobby for many Jakartians. This is a good trend to have as this promotes healthy living and creates a positive community bonding amongst people of all ages and ethnicity. This is all positive accept for one thing. Some get injured. Yes, some and close to many get injured in the long run, either pull/torn muscles, back pains, sprained joints, unfit bodies and lack of nutrition.

With those in mind, the marathon all of a sudden creates a negative affect to some people in Jakarta that have caught this buzz who have no idea of what the issues can become when simply running a marathon. For an example, their shoes must be right and its got to be a running shoe especially when you’re running on concrete roads, also importantly proper stretching is mandatory before conducting a run also with proper cooling down. Another one is the right amount of exercise prior to running a marathon and have the correct nutrition to eat as a vital part to be successful. It is not only about fitting in the crowd, being trendy with your accessories and looking cool amongst your friends, but it is about being able to run, be healthy without getting injured and being able to continue running for many years to come. The main point is to not get injured in the short term nor the long term. Not many people know that having the correct marathon training program will help you in the long run. You can increase your speed, stamina and strength, avoid injuries and dominate the marathon if you follow a set of instructions.

This is where the Marathon Training Program is needed. This Marathon Program is an easy to follow and fully outlined 16 Week Training Schedule. It explains every run, the secrets to avoiding injury, nutritional guidelines, and strength workouts to increase speed and stamina while still having the ability to have fun and enjoy your time.

Click Here! < You can find this useful Marathon Training Program and accomplish your mission of healthy, community involvement and happiness. Its time for Jakartians to understand how to run a marathon and to run a marathon correctly for the objective of a long-term healthy life! Have a good time and enjoy the training program.

Succeeding as a Manager

As a Manager, have you ever had a situation when your subordinate is doing an awful job, failing or not working to a certain standard?  Well if you have this situation, then one of the first questions you have to ask yourself as a Manager is, “What have I done or haven’t done to make my subordinate fail.” Are you sure that your subordinate has failed because of his/her incompetence or is it because the system that you’ve placed for your subordinate as their Manager is flawed or is it that you haven’t done anything concrete to manage him/her to succeed. And who is responsible for your subordinate’s failure? You, as their Manager.

You like it or not, if an employee is giving sub-standard work, the first person that many have to question is his/her boss and what systems they have placed for him/her to fail.

This is the reason of why in professional team sports, the first person to leave an organization for a slagging slumping team is the Head Coach and not the Players.  This is the overall function of a Manager for an organization and all managers need to understand this. Yes, some managers say that there are always bad apples to a team and one needs to cut those bad apples out to get the team more productive and moving forward, but that’s for another topic we can discuss on another blog post.

Here below are some points on how you can succeed as a manager:

– A Manager’s objective is to help subordinates have more of an impact to the organization.

-Managers are no different than athletes. Managers must practice everyday and work hard everyday to improve their game. If your job title has Manager on it and you stay on cruise control, stay stagnant with no improvement or no progression moving forward, the greater force will automatically push you out of the system more ways than you can think of. That’s just how the world works. It can’t be explained, it just happens naturally. And if you try to play the, “I’m keeping my position” game and not contributing genuinely, you’ll be deflected out of the system more ways than you can think of.  So work on your game daily. Literally, daily.

– Its all about consistently reviewing processes and improving moving forward. If you can’t measure it, then you’re not managing it. If you’re not managing it then you shouldn’t be called a Manager.

– There’s a difference between Dumping work to your subordinates and Delegating work to your subordinates. Here’s the difference. Dumping work means, you as a Manager just dump a load of work and say, “I want you to do this, you understand? Any questions? I need it by 3pm tomorrow”. Delegating work means, telling them the whole story of why you want them to do it, get feedback for a meeting of the minds, set mutually agreed upon – specific deadlines, have a follow-up system in place that lets you monitor progress and install to use a rewards system if capable. You as a Manager should be Delegating work instead of Dumping work to your subordinates.

–  If your job title has the word “Manager” in it with subordinates to manage, these are the things that you should be doing;

a. Working toward goals,
b. Developing people,
c. Building a team,
d. Reaffirm standards,
e. Creating and sustaining a network (externally & internally),
f.  Being strategic and understanding the ‘how-to’ aspect of execution

– Great managers use a Preparation-Do-Review to convert every activity into a means of the following:

a. Pursuing some management purpose,
b. To make progress towards a goal,
c. To develop someone,
d. To reaffirm work standards,
e. To strengthen bonds among members of their team,
f.  To model the behavior they want,

– Managers get paid to solve problems, loosen bottlenecks, inspire, coach and make a significant contribution to growth and improvement. A basic process flow of your work should be about planning, execution, monitoring/controlling, evaluating/measuring results and repeating the process all over again. If you’re not doing any of those four things you’re not really managing, you’re just wasting the owner’s money.

– The key for Owners and Directors is knowing how to make all their managers understand this point of view of being a Manager.

What do you think? Do you all agree?


Think, Re-think & Action

From my experiences in the corporate world, attending IPMI International Business School ( for my MBA (Masters) was one of the best decisions of my life.  It has played a huge role into my daily work-life in the office and especially in driving concrete results.  It also gives me the ability to speak with various other divisions outside of my own division using “their” language to spark critical thinking conversation, as I am currently in the Division of Marketing & Business Development.  It also lets me see things with much more clarity.

In attending business school, I didn’t only learn about the nuts and bolts of business such as finance, accounting, marketing, operations, human resources, business strategy, etc, but I also learned the importance of interaction within groups and teams to discuss cases and issues for decision making.  I also learned that for you to get results in Marketing, you have to go out there in the field to network and talk to people. I mean talk to real people with real conversations; not those virtual conversations, but those genuine relationships you build with people.  Upon graduation, I gained a handful of network and connections while being in Business School and automatically part of the large alumni of former graduates.

I also learned the importance of soft skills, attitude and processes.  And, I learned that for you to seek a solution, you must have to first define the correct problem.  If you rush into solution seeking without digging deeper in the problem definition, you might be wasting your time finding a solution for the wrong problem. Also I learned that when you can conclude or investigate something, you have to base it on concrete data and come back with more concrete data to back up your justification.

But in addition to all that, I think one of the most important things I learned at business school is the ability to think; or in other words, learning about the art of thinking.  Having the ability to think is the core of a corporate employee and the core of being successful (In being successful I mean, being able to accomplish what you want to do while benefiting others and getting rewarded for it in terms of money, prestige, links, respect, etc.)

Not many employees realize that they are paid a salary to think.  This is one of the most important things any manager needs to understand. They are paid to find sustainable solutions effectively and efficiently for the organization they’re working for by thinking. Thinking is hard work and takes a lot of energy, that’s why few do it and that’s why few are masters at it.

In conclusion, you don’t need to take my word for it to be where you want to be.  I’m basing this on my own experiences.  Remember that if you are a paid employee, you are paid or given a monthly salary to think, make decisions, develop your team (if you have a team to manage) or be a team player, take responsibility for those decisions, take action, and improve that process all over again. Cheers.

By the way:  I graduated from IPMI International Business school >


Maybe many of you are wondering why I put up the last post of video trailers of “Pornstars in Indonesian Horror films” on my last blog post.  I have noticed many developments within my country of Indonesia in which if you would’ve told me about 5 years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it.  Our generation or the next generation Indonesians have been influenced by the worlds surroundings that many of us are standing up and doing something that we’ve always dreamed of doing within our childhood. Who would’ve thought that those famous porn stars would be in an Indonesia movie (I don’t know if this is a blog post promoting pornstars or not, but I’m facing the facts on reality here.)  Many developments in infrastructure, job creation, business opportunities are developing for Indonesians to take advantage of.  Internet is booming down in Indonesia and alive and well for the access of information world wide to be retrieved and used for positive influences.  The downside is definitely the negativity behind easy access of information including horrific images, adult content and all other negative influences you can name.  For me personally, the internet has been a huge part of my life for the past 16 years of my life through my personal development.  I started my music career online, writing career, basketball career, job, school all the way to solidifying my personal brand through the internet.  The internet has done big things for me personally as it is also doing to my country of Indonesia; Contributing a significant impact on the growth of our society.  You can google anything you can think of in your head and I can assure you that it is on the internet.  Use it to your advantage through everything that you do and don’t get caught up in only surfing mind boggling things that eradicate your productivity *ehem you know what I mean..*

With this, I leave you to decide whether to take advantage of the internet or use it to degrade your life.  Going back to talking about Indonesia, you can do anything you put your mind to, and use the internet for your advantage. There are many opportunities out there.




Dalam Negeri (%)
Universitas Indonesia 76,19
Prasetya Mulya Business School 45,24
IPMI Business School 19,05
Universitas Gadjah Mada 16,67
PPM Graduate School of Management 14,29
Institut Teknologi Bandung 9,52
Universitas Padjajaran 9,52
Institut Pertanian Bogor 4,76
London School of PR 4,76
Universitas Mercu Buana 4,76
Universitas Parahyangan 4,76
Universitas Paramadina 4,76
Universitas Trisakti 4,76
Lainnya 9,52


photo-ipmi2It has been a little over one year since I have entered the MBA IPMI Business School program to vibe out every night with case studies to analyze while preparing for presentations almost on a daily basis. Some of the many things are consistently thinking about how ‘tos’ and ‘whys’, preparing to tackle readings, preparing assignments, arranging meetings with group, networking with awesome people and leaders of their field; And just basically molding myself being into the person I was born to be.

This year has been a phenomenal year with many transformational changes happening to myself with different aspects of my life.  I have to admit that IPMI Business School has changed my life for the better;  Not only on the hard skills of business such as marketing, accounting, operations, etc, but most importantly my intangibles such as problem solving skills, leadership, organization, behavior, attitude, etc, as those skills are keys for growth.  Those are some of the things that I have been thankful for this past year through IPMI.

It has also been a year of fast paced, moving, juggling projects, work and intensity with exhilarating outcomes.  If any Indonesian out there or foreigners are looking to study at a fine institution for a Masters business education , I would recommend IPMI Business School. ->

With the strong alumni and network amongst diverse industries, one wonders of the open opportunities for future endeavors.  I am a first hand witness of the power of IPMI Business School.