Think, Re-think & Action

From my experiences in the corporate world, attending IPMI International Business School ( for my MBA (Masters) was one of the best decisions of my life.  It has played a huge role into my daily work-life in the office and especially in driving concrete results.  It also gives me the ability to speak with various other divisions outside of my own division using “their” language to spark critical thinking conversation, as I am currently in the Division of Marketing & Business Development.  It also lets me see things with much more clarity.

In attending business school, I didn’t only learn about the nuts and bolts of business such as finance, accounting, marketing, operations, human resources, business strategy, etc, but I also learned the importance of interaction within groups and teams to discuss cases and issues for decision making.  I also learned that for you to get results in Marketing, you have to go out there in the field to network and talk to people. I mean talk to real people with real conversations; not those virtual conversations, but those genuine relationships you build with people.  Upon graduation, I gained a handful of network and connections while being in Business School and automatically part of the large alumni of former graduates.

I also learned the importance of soft skills, attitude and processes.  And, I learned that for you to seek a solution, you must have to first define the correct problem.  If you rush into solution seeking without digging deeper in the problem definition, you might be wasting your time finding a solution for the wrong problem. Also I learned that when you can conclude or investigate something, you have to base it on concrete data and come back with more concrete data to back up your justification.

But in addition to all that, I think one of the most important things I learned at business school is the ability to think; or in other words, learning about the art of thinking.  Having the ability to think is the core of a corporate employee and the core of being successful (In being successful I mean, being able to accomplish what you want to do while benefiting others and getting rewarded for it in terms of money, prestige, links, respect, etc.)

Not many employees realize that they are paid a salary to think.  This is one of the most important things any manager needs to understand. They are paid to find sustainable solutions effectively and efficiently for the organization they’re working for by thinking. Thinking is hard work and takes a lot of energy, that’s why few do it and that’s why few are masters at it.

In conclusion, you don’t need to take my word for it to be where you want to be.  I’m basing this on my own experiences.  Remember that if you are a paid employee, you are paid or given a monthly salary to think, make decisions, develop your team (if you have a team to manage) or be a team player, take responsibility for those decisions, take action, and improve that process all over again. Cheers.

By the way:  I graduated from IPMI International Business school >

Business Mistakes To Avoid

slipping-mistakesThroughout my years in business, I’ve come across many mistakes and downfalls in which I’ve used to create a momentum for success. I can almost speak on behalf of most entrepreneurs out there, that failing and making a mistake is always good for our future in business. We fail in order to move forward. We move forward to achieve the bottom line, at that is to profit and to create a sustainable business. I’d like to share to you some of my experiences.

One of my experiences of a common mistake while running my business is NOT establishing a solid system integrating all of the different functions together. Every function within the business must smoothly go together and move into a smooth flow that will eventually move your business at a high speed. I found out that I needed to speed up the finance aspect with book keeping in order to keep up with my marketing and vice versa; I needed to make my marketing decisions based on my finances as we must have marketing and finance go at parallel speeds for maximum results.

Another common mistake is being too greedy in business.

While seeking the best profit margins, many experience the issue of distribution. What we normally would like to see is our products being sold everywhere to create easy access for our customers to purchase our products. But the problem is, while seeking profit margins, we have the tendency to get caught up in working with too many sub-distributors, that at the end of the day, they all end up killing and minimizing our profit margins. They would compete against each other to lower the selling price then make it difficult for our customers to choose where to purchase our products. A good solution for this problem is either to search for an exclusive distributor or distribute on-line. You will have more control of the situation to monitor and evaluate your business.

Another common mistake is bad accounting.

We depend on accounting for the growth of our business because accounting and finance is considered the “health” of our business. Make sure that balance sheets are balanced, financial statements are in checked and the amount of money written in the book is also the “actual” amount of money you have at hand. This occurs a lot where the book states you have $15.000, but at hand you only have $4.000. Where did the $11.000 go?

Lastly, another common mistake is tightening your promotion money when your business is going down.

When business is slow, we should increase our spending on promotions. As without promo, your business will either stay slow or go even go down in business. We must be brave to spend our money on promotions. It is key to growing our business.

Lets fail forward and succeed.

Timothy Ferris : The 4 – Hour Workweek

4-hour-workweekHooray!! I’ve just bought my own copy of “The 4-hour Workweek” written by Timothy Ferriss. Its been nearly 1 whole year since I’ve been reading about the book with interviews, watching videos on youtube, as well as browsed through the website of to find information.

Being in Indonesia, I wanted to wait until the book hit the shelves locally so I could get my own copy at a cheaper price than if I’d directly ordered from the day it came out in 2007. I’ve been following up on the teachings but none of it made sense to me, because the info that I’ve received through the web were just sections or parts of the book where putting it all together would not be possible without reading the entire book from the beginning to the end.

I bought the book at a local bookstore and without thinking about it I directly purchased it! There were 2 copies left as I asked the cashier if there were any more copies and he said that they only had 2 copies in the store. Woaw, close call, I almost missed out on the opportunity as great books are hard to come by down here; we must constantly browse bookstores or browse through

Ok, first impression of reading the beginning of the book, I directly reflected and said, “wow, this is me and my concept of life but just never knew how to interpret it until clearly manifested and stoned carved by the great Tim Ferriss.” I’ve been envisioning the new rich lifestyle all along but just never confident about my own concept and notion of life that I was always being shunned out or mistangled by the notion of ‘normal people lives’ – go to school, get a good job, get married, have kids, and teach the same process to our kids.

Luckily, it has been defined and answered and I’m going to prove the world that living the life we choose is the ideal way to live this short life. We shouldn’t be told how to live our own lives, as we were born alone and will end this life alone. We must choose to be happy with love and integrity.

Ok, back to the 4 hour week; I’m still halfway into the book as the book consists of many eye popping concepts that seem “scary (in a good way)” to me, because I truly feel the same way. I do believe this is the book thats going to change my entire life forever. And residing in the third (3rd ) world, I’m going to prove that the new rich & new lifestyle does not only exist in first (1st) world countries, but me being a third (3rd) world citizen can also live the concept of the new life being from a background of simple-low economical status.

I’m not going to talk about the book much as I plan on taking you more to my practices of the book, as I work to live out the 4-hour workweek from the perspective of a 3rd world citizen.

Well, in some parts of the book, Timothy states that being ‘unrealistic’ is the way to perceive life, and so I’m thinking, would it be possible for me to meet him and talk about my 3rd world journey of living the new rich and new lifestyle?

Does anyone have his phone number? I’d like to call him up 🙂