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20841753_10155370062011023_4688705400380002498_nWelcome to my Blog, my full name is Herdian Mohammad, and in short; Herdi (pronounced : hair dee), but i’m also known as HerdiOflo – my alter ego/rap name given by my first music producer; Marcus Williams.

Living life in Jakarta, Indonesia has enabled me to live out my dreams from being a Professional Basketball Player – HipHop Rapper to a Corporate-Manager, Scholar, Startup Founder and Writer. Follow me through this fascinating and exciting life as I go through this process of pursuing peace, happiness, freedom, knowledge as well as significance for my existence to make a difference in the world.

We all live life to create a significant impact for our surroundings including our family, friends, profession, society and our environment.

Welcome to my journey. Contact me for inquiries or just to say hello.

You may contact me through Linkedin at id.linkedin.com/in/herdianmohammad/ or by leaving a mention on twitter at www.twitter.com/herdianmohammad (@HerdianMohammad) or to my Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/HerdiOflo or www.facebook.com/herdian.mohammad.

“Leaderize Yourself.” – through service, determination, leadership, consistency, adaptability, optimization, customization, modification, innovation, humility, empowerment, efficiency, effectiveness, management,  communication, perseverance and significance.

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