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Welcome to my Blog, my name is Herdian Mohammad. I’m also known as HerdiOflo (pronounced : hair dee oh flow)- my rap name given by my first music producer; Marcus Williams.

Living life in Jakarta, Indonesia and currently in Bekasi, has enabled me to live out my dreams from being a Professional Basketball Player to a Professional HipHop Rapper, then into a Corporate Manager, Scholar, Writer, Startup Founder and currently Director of an international company.

Follow me through this fascinating and exciting life as I share my perspectives while I go through the process of pursuing peace, happiness, freedom, knowledge as well as significance for my existence to make a difference in the world.

We all live life to create a significant impact for our surroundings including our family, friends, profession, society and our environment.

Welcome to my journey.

You may contact me through Linkedin at id.linkedin.com/in/herdianmohammad/ or by leaving a mention on Instagram at www.instagram.com/herdioflo (@HerdiOflo)
or on twitter at www.twitter.com/herdianmohammad (@HerdianMohammad) or to my Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/HerdiOflo.

“Leaderize Yourself.” – through service, determination, leadership, consistency, adaptability, optimization, customization, modification, innovation, humility, empowerment, efficiency, effectiveness, management,  communication, perseverance and significance.

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