Need help? Just Genuinely Help Others

help-me-up-mofoI came across a friend the other day who shared with me an interesting story in which I will bring up on today’s post. It is about genuinely helping others in order for us to receive help in return.

In today’s fast paced world, we have the tendency to focus and work on something that only benefits us and only us. We spend most of our lives living the process of helping ourselves to achieving what we plan to accomplish.

We consider jobs that only benefit us, we make sales calls that benefits us, we create business plans & strategies to benefit us, we use our links and networks to benefit us…. but have we ever thought about taking an action to purely help someone else?

Within the natural state of give and take, we tend to give because we have an interest to take.. Have you ever genuinely helped someone for the sake of helping them with no interest for your own benefits? Not many of us do..

My friend spoke about the power of reciprocal return. If we genuinely help someone full-hearted with nothing to expect in return; one day we will almost automatically receive help from others in different ways we could ever imagine.

So, lets develop our help habits and help those in need.

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