4 Engines To Lift Off Your Team Through Leadership

leadership-pyramidI attended a Leadership Seminar with speaker of Bob Andrews whom spoke about the 4 engines needed to lift off your team through leadership. They are the following:

1. Energy/Enthusiasm
A leader must show energy and enthusiasm for his/her team to lift off and reach greater heights. No matter the circumstances, the leader must at all times show his/her passion and excitement towards every aspect of the team. Through its ups and downs, the leader must always be energetic. This automatically transends the energy into the team.

2. Education
A leader must educate his/herself in all aspects of the team. Through all the tangibles and intagibles, the leader must have solutions to problems and always motivate the team to greater heights after all of its accomplishments.

3. Expectation
A leader must always believe and have a positive attitude towards every aspect of the team. Through its personnel, outcomes, strategies and decisions; the leader must always expect to come out as a winner. One doubt from the leader; and the team will automatically follow doubt. Remember–> “You can’t manage doubt!”

4. Encouragement
A leader must always motivate and encourage his/her team to always strive for the best and to never be easily satisfied. The team can be rewarded after all of their accomplishments but always push them to be better than they are. Encourage success. Always remember, “we are on a journey and not a destination”.

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