#Self-Education (@HerdiOflo – Twitter)

Defining the correct problem is the most important step in finding a solution. Be creative in defining the correct problem. #SelfEducation

To solve a problem/issue, ask ‘why’ 7-times after every question you answer to find the root of the problem/issue. #SelfEducation

Understand that most human decision making posseses subjectivity in any form they perceive it as being objective. That’s a fact #SelfEducation

Learning ‘how to think’ is crucial on how you move forward. Have the mindset to keep moving to the next level. #SelfEducation

If school doesn’t teach you how to continously teach yourself, then you’re missing the essence of what school is all about. #SelfEducation

Read books, browse online, talk to people, participating in activities, volunteer, get hands-on. #SelfEducation

Creating a habit for daily-practice is the road to learning how to be a good and great at something. #SelfEducation

Peter Drucker said, being efficient is doing the job right, being effective is doing the right job. #SelfEducation

School is for the credentials while experience & results is for ur voice in ur organization, society & amongst ur network. #SelfEducation

School of hard knocks is the most underrated form of learning. #SelfEducation

Really sit down and reflect to understand how you learn best. #SelfEducation

Learn to quit fast when you know this isn’t for you. Don’t waste time justifying to yourself if you aren’t feeling it. #SelfEducation

Remember all it takes is once for you to succeed to start rolling a snowball for trust. #SelfEducation

Bad or good experience is your best teacher. #SelfEducation

Learn to unlearn. Erase your pre-conceived notions when learning something new. #SelfEducation

You can learn as much from a bad teacher than a good teacher. It depends on how you perceive your learning process. Be mature. #SelfEducation

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