Just Some Tweets Last Night

  1. When you love someone, you’re not loving yourself. You’re loving someone else.
  2. What do you see yourself doing in 5 years of unknown darkness? If you don’t see anything that means you haven’t turned on the light.
  3. Just because I ride ojeks, it doesn’t mean i’m less of a person than you are. It just means that I like to ride ojeks. 
  4. Don’t hate me because I’m not as good as you and will never be you. I’m better. 
  5. I never fade into the darkness like a washed out has been because I glow in the dark. 
  6. I never wanted to be a star. But don’t hate me when i’m just sitting here doing nothing and I shine at night like the stars in the sky. 
  7. When you think you got it all, think again because your all ain’t their all. And their all is be-ol.
  8. To win some is to lose a lot over and over again until you have nothing to lose. 
  9. Life is like a circus, you always know who the clown is if you really think about it. 
  10. Don’t fall for someone who will fall on u when they’re leaning against a brick wall. 
  11. Don’t laugh at urself before u laugh by urself. If u often laugh by urself than u can laugh at urself. If u often laugh by urself u’re crazy 
  12. When a man says to you, “Bo, take a chill pill chyiinn.” It means they have been kicked in the balls 30 times during their life.
  13. If you are in pain, that means you are in love. 
  14. Make love to your life before it makes love to someone else.
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