A Great Soccer Match For Self Reflection

Last night,  during the soccer match between Indonesia vs Malaysia in the 2010 Suzuki AFF Championships, we the people of Indonesia sat in front of a live screen and those that watched directly in the GBK Senayan Stadium received a heart thumping ride for 90 minutes of an intense soccer match.  Most of us were stressed all throughout the match just watching how close so many shots and chances of Indonesia’s goal ‘should’ve’ been executed. And finally, the whistle blew, even though we won the leg 2 game of 2-1 over Malaysia, we still lost the championship and tournament trophy.

Seriously, I was truly bummed out deep inside; like a broken heart when you’re in your teen years being dumped by your first love. (Hahaha Curcol) You know that feeling. Hahaha.

But that’s beside the point.  The point I’m trying to make is, the Indonesian soccer team truly collectively hugged together a nation as one. Nothing came between the 17 thousand islands and the many cultures, languages, religion, heritage nor barriers or intangible borders we Indonesians have with one another; We were Indonesia. All problems aside for 90 minutes.  That truly was epic and unbelievable.

The reflection of this moment was not only a nationalistic pride of joy and togetherness for our country, but most importantly, it was a self-reflection of our own lives as Indonesians.  The Garuda team truly represented our struggles and tribulations of us Indonesians living in this dynamic land of Indonesia.  With daily jobs, families to feed and to make ends meet collecting money on a daily basis just to put food on the table, the team gave me a spark or more of an atomic bomb of motivation for my own life and endeavors.

Even though we lost the trophy, the Garuda team did not only give me the highest respects for the Indonesian National Soccer team but gave me a new mission and determination of accomplishments I’ll need to achieve in 2011 and beyond.  It reflected of the hustle and grind trying to live it up in Indonesia while trying to do all of the things I’ve always dreamed of accomplishing. From being a professional basketball player, rapper, an executive in the oil & gas industry, having a family of my own and finishing my Master’s degree, it truly defined that the Indonesian dream is in front of my eyes and the fight for success is just a hustle away.  We have so many accomplishments we want to achieve in the future, and from the match last night; I officially conclude that you all are my heroes for the better days of tomorrow.  God bless you all and see you at the top!!

Last but not least, I leave you all with this great inspirational song from my peoples of Zero One from the new techno group of “Hahaha” feat L.O.P produced by the Executive Killers.  Hidup Indonesia!!

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