Did you know that large corporations design their employees to be easily replaceable?

I’d like to speak about this topic after having numerous discussions with friends who share the same ideas and perception as me of freeing themselves from the 9 to 5 paradigm, but seemed to be too deeply embedded in the corporate world, where they see it a waste of time to start their life all over again and quit their 9 to 5 jobs.

It is an interesting topic that i’d like to bring up, because in this day and age, employees of the corporate world are more dedicated and loyal to their professions rather than the companies they work for. They seek higher compensation, benefits, a more customized/fun work environment to work in, and seeking appreciation from their companies & employers. Basically, not many corporate employees these days are loyal to their companies.

I have come to learn that the Human Resource Department within each of these large corporations understand the ongoing trend of disloyalty, that they have established a system where every single one of their employees are easily replaceable. Some have 3-4 backups within the organization to prepare employees from exiting their organization.

From the skills they learn, the training in which they receive, their obligations to the company; organizations are more than ready to replace their employees. Don’t get me wrong that they want to get rid of their talented and best employees, but my point is that they shape their employees which in turn benefit the organization, to be easily replaceable. They prepare candidates from within the organization, as well as have candidates outside the organization to continue the job of a vacant position. Therefore, they do not depend on any “one” of their paid employees.

Another point is, the higher you are on the corporate ladder, the more intensed the organization will be in preparing other candidates to replace you. I’m not saying, they’re out there to replace you, but the organization especially the Human Resource Department are preparing for rain with an umbrella – by preparing other candidates.

Business is business, and there’s no point in taking it personal… so why not, just focus on our own business where we have the freedom to learn what we choose as well as knowing that no one out there is preparing to replace us.

In conclusion, corporate employees must understand (if they don’t already know) that their positions anywhere within the organization are easily replaceable and organizations will not depend on any paid employee for the direction and operation of their on going business. Therefore, please increase your skills by learning many other aspects of work in which will benefit you and your future.

Lets live and learn.

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