Update May 2010

It has been a while since I’ve written a decent post.  I’ve just been up and running finishing up my MBA, put out this mixtape as well as office focusing.  It seems that time is so limited and yet I get so much done.  Its completely a blessing in how things turn out for all the years of sweat and pain of hard work.  I’ve been also showing signs of gray hair.. hehehe.. I’m not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing.  I’ve just been focusing on three aspects of work which are; 9 to 5 office work, my MBA and my music.

With the office, it is basically the job, I’ve been looking for a couple of years with the work that suits my interests as well as the industry that i’ve always wanted to be in, and that is the Oil and Gas Industry.

With my MBA degree as well as my school, I currently have three more classes to finish up and that is Management Information Systems, Corporate Strategy and the Business Simulation.  Also, my thesis is also finishing up in which I am focusing on a Competency-Based HR Corporation for one of the largest Indonesian Business groups.  Let me give you a hint, I use to play for their basketball team as a player in the Indonesian Basketball League.. hehe.. Its a coincidence that I’m doing my thesis for that corporation as well.  Small world.  In Campus, I’m also active in a student organization in which we’ve established within ourselves called, “IPMI Care”, in which us students & alumnis work together to create awareness and promote IPMI Business School throughout various activities.  Being one of the top and oldest Business Schools in Indonesia since the early 80s, it is the duty of us students and alumnis to sustain the IPMI legacy.  By the way, IPMI stands for Institut Pengembangan Manajemen Indonesia.

As with music, I’m lining up a set of activities up until 2012.  Shortly, the HerdiOflo mixtape will be dropping very soon.  I’m currently in the lab working on it and all of the people that I’ve asked to featured with have agreed.  I’ve also got beats/music from producers all across the world, so I’m completely looking forward for this.  This is in parrallel with my studies because a mixtape to me is fun and at times just a spontaneous project.  As with my LP album, I’ve got Zero One Productions to take care of all of the productions and music.  I will plan to undergo the album process once I graduate my MBA program.  I’ve found out that getting your MBA and focusing on an album for a music project is nearly impossible due to the time constraints and focus that needs to be put on for both.  So therefore, I have prioritized school over music until I graduate. There are also things I’m planning to do with the extension of music.

Ok thats about it, thought I’d just share an update with you all.  Ok looking forward for more movements.  Catch ya on the next post.

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