Leadership by Monica Mandelli

I had just subscribed to YouTube’s MBA Podcaster and came across a video by Harvard Alumni Monica Mandelli whom is currently a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs.  This video is very inspiring! Just a great supplement for the current MBA current journey of mine. Here are the points from her presentation of her meaning of Leadership.

Leadership: (3 Ms – derived from her initials)

(1) Map The Forest
Quickly assess formal & informal people in power, decision makers and those who take take you further.  Learn the terrain as quickly as possible.  Know the map.
(Network) – Map – Get into the game and find information – The person with the “know” information will always take the lead of those with ‘less’ information.

(2) Maximize what is in your control

a. Topic (master the task – be good in what you do)
Trust, Respected, Vision, Get things done

b. Prescense – Leader, cool, collected, set the tone of the team

c. Make sure you’re memoriable – Turn up volume on that, use what you got and leverage it and with your unique style

d. Connect and make it personal. people follow people we like and respected. POint of connection. Find connection, empathy, compassion with something in common.

(3) Methodically reasses
personally & business. (Yearly and answer questions correctly)

Set Assessments! Answer questions honestly.

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