First Post of 2010

This is 2010 and this will be my first post of the year. Oh my, I know this year will be another very busy year. So many things to do, so little time.. haha.. thats what everyone in the world says. So I am going to scrap that statement and say, “So many things to do and my time is manageable because I’ve created my own system to do so!” This is the attitude that all of us need to have in this fast pace world we live in currently.

These days, songs & singles have a life span of 1 week before you go look for a new one, and some songs are 3 seconds old before someone trashes it all together.. It is a challenge to focus, stick to one thing at a time while trying get attention from your surroundings to do your own hustle. We live in a turbulent world right now! Many opportunities and lots of work needs to be done.

Ok lets list some things I have on my agenda so at least I know what I’m doing, as they say, by writing things down, you will automatically crystallize whatever you have in mind. So don’t think about it; Write it down on paper and do it!

This list is basically the list that I will write in December 2010 at the end of this year with God’s permission.

(1) Healthy family and increase the number of kids :p

(2) Graduate from my Masters (S2) school program and receive my Master’s degree.

(3) Album release with Video clips.

(4) Elevate in Corporate Career.

(5) More money with minimum of ……… in the bank.

(6) More goodwill and spiritually enhanced.

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