Success in 4 Domains of Life

It has come to my attention brought up by the fascinating professor of the Wharton School of Business, Stew Friedman, that to truly have success in one’s life and show total leadership is through the successes of the four domains of life.

successThey are;

1) FAMILY (main, extended)
2) WORK (career, business, school)
3) COMMUNITY (society, network,  relationships)
4) SELF (mentally, emotionally, spiritually)

To succeed it is not about balancing all four domains and decrease the time, effort, energy and success of one domain to balance the other, but to fulfill all of the domains in full optimization that you excel in all four domains at the same time.  I am looking to learn more about this sophisticated and yet easy to understand concept which will enable me to focus on whats important to life.  I will update you with more info.

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