Habit Of Writing Equals Advancement

business-victoryWhy do I find it so important to jot and write things down? Because I believe that writing things down will concretely give life to our thoughts and accomplishments. As we all agree, our attention span these days are very limited due to our fast paced lives. We have so many distractions all around us from text messaging, advertising, phone calls, daily work processes, that seem to carry on to our memory; A very short attention span as well as beginning to show signs of short-term memory.

Throughout our days, we tend to have ideas that pass us by, then suddenly within 10 seconds after the text message you received on your cell phone, you completely forget. Thats normal guys, we subconsiously act like that.

I’ve made it a habit to carry around my little black book everywhere I go and jot down everything that I think about whenever I have my pen ready in front of me. There are so many things that we can accomplish by writing things down.

Here are 20 outcomes that i’ve encountered which have made my life more meaningful after creating the habit of writing and jotting things down on my black book..

1. I find solutions to problems faster
2. I focus on my daily work processes
3. I retrieve ideas for my business
4. I act faster on my agenda
5. I monitor my processes easier
6. I don’t run off-track
7. I know what I need to achieve within the day, week, month and year
8. I don’t forget birthdays
9. I reply emails and messages faster
10. I live more calm
11. I do not procrastinate anymore
12. I decide faster using pros and cons
13. I establish a foundation for my thoughts
14. I can monitor my personal growth easier
15. I know exactly what I need to work on after defining my weaknesses
16. I know what I need to probe on through my strengths
17. Living life full of energy and poise
18. Being able to organize my business, life, and family
19. Prioritizing
20. Finding the time to give back to society

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