New Year’s Resolution

Its the new year and its time to reflect on the past and live for the future, right?  Wrong.

new-years-resolutionIt is time to live by the day and spend more quality time with the ones you love before you or them pass away.  I know these words might seem too upfront, but that is the truth when it comes to things that matter in real life.  We spend about 95% of our mind and efforts to get that last dollar in order for us to live.  At the end of the day, or perhaps at the end of your day before you see the, “light at the end of the tunnel”, what is truly important is who surrounds you on your deathbed.  It is about creating significance and becoming an “evangelist” as creating a cause is key to real world success as time spent with your loved ones are what truly matter.  Friends, family and love are key for this new year resolution.

With the recent global crisis and current killings of the innocence in Gaza,  it makes you think about your life more closely and truly define what is really important to you as anything can happen at any given minute.

So it is not only about reflecting the past and living for the future, but it is about living by the day and anticipating the future as the past is your education.

“Live by the day and live in the present as it is a gift of life.”

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