Learning Lesson from Cinderella

When you reach a certain point in your life, you understand and believe for a fact that ‘Leaders are learners’. And in every situation you’re in, you’re always learning; That is the trait of a leader. Today, I watched the new movie Cinderella with my family and one key take-away learning was Cinderella kept saying, “Have courage and be kind”, as Cinderella’s mother told her this before she passed away in the beginning of the movie.

I completely agree with the simple saying (“Have courage and be kind”) as it will take you very far in life. I’m a witness and believer of this saying as I also value this statement. So again, have the courage to make the hard the decisions, be brave in innovating and make a difference in people’s lives. Remember to always be kind to people no matter what happens. Genuine kindness always has a positive impact towards people’s lives. You will always be remembered.

“Have courage and be kind.”


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